Living  Joyously from The Heart

Meditation Weekends

Have you ever felt that maybe your life is missing something that you cannot identify or name, meditation can help you to discover your path in a joyful and relaxed way.  

Meditation is a useful tool for every one, you do not need to be on a spiritual path, or to concentrate or contemplate, you only need to be, it is as simple as breathing.
What is Meditation ?
There are many ideas about what meditation is, Meditation is simply a method or technique that helps you to disconnect from the mind and to just be present to what is. It also gives us the opportunity to discover and connect to our many inner treasures. We connect naturally with a  feeling of spaciousness and a deep sense of relaxation.
There are many techniques for Meditation some are sitting still and silent, some are guided and others are what we call active meditations.
This is an occasion to experiment the many different techniques that are available.
 The next day  will be held in Australia February 25 2018

for more information please contact Maitri